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  • Amaranth


    Amaranth microgreens are vibrant and young. They are tender shoots coming from the primary amaranth plant. Packed with minerals and vitamins and visually pleasing to the eye.

    Flavor: Nutty, earthy, and mild.

    Color: Brightly green with strong shades of reddish/purple stems or leaves.

    Gourmet dishes: Sandwiches, soups, salads, stir-fry or sushi

  • Bull’s Blood (beets)


    Bull’s blood microgreens are shoots of red-stemmed beets coming from the primary plant, beta-vulgaris. Contains many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. When consumed, it has a very crunchy texture.

    Flavor: Earthy, sweet, and quite similar to the taste of spinach.

    Color: Purple stems with green leaves. (Fun fact: can bleed red color into your food)

    Gourmet dishes: Beet salad, sushi, risotto, or canapes.

  • Green Daikon Radish


    Daikon radish microgreens are shoots from the daikon radish plant. They are rich in nutrients and a good source of Vitamin C.

    Flavor: Peppery, radish, and slightly spicy.

    Color: Green

    Gourmet dishes: Sushi, canapes, noodle bowls, rice bowls, and asian salads

  • Kale


    Kale microgreens are the younger version of the leavy vegetable, kale. A powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants.

    Flavor: Mild and sweet.

    Color: Vibrant Green

    Gourmet dishes: Omelets, salads, smoothies, wraps/sandwiches, or sushi.

  • Kohlrabi


    Kohlrabi microgreens are shoots that comes from the kohlrabi plant. They are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. When consumed, it has a crispy texture.

    Flavor: Mildly peppery and sweet.

    Color: Purple stem with green leaves and a faded purple on the kundalini.

    Gourmet dishes: Quiches, salad/slaws, rice bowls, stir-fry, or vegetable tempura.

  • Pea Shoots


    Pea shoot microgreens are young shoots that comes from the pea plants (pisum sativum). Full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

    Flavor: Sweet and mild.

    Color: Green

    Gourmet dishes: Salads, quiche, pasta, sushi, or wraps/sandwiches.

  • Red Daikon Radish


    Red Radish microgreens are shoots from red radish plants. They are a  powerhouse of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Mostly used among chefs to enhance flavor and give a pop of color to their dishes.

    Flavor: Spicy and bold.

    Color: Violet purple/red stems with deep purple to even green leaves.

    Gourmet dishes: Soups/stew, salads, canapes, eggs, rice bowls, or sushi.

  • Swiss Chard


    Swiss Chard microgreens are young seedling from the swish chard plant. They are full of nutrients with a very delicate texture.

    Flavor: Mild, sweet and earthy.

    Color: The stems can vary between colors of pink, white or red. While the leaves are green.

    Gourmet dishes: Smoothies, pizza, tarts, fusion, salads, or entrees. They are typically used in upscale/fine dining restaurants.

  • Triton Radish


    Triton Radish is a strong microgreen packed with minerals and vitamins. Great for dishes that is appealing to the eye and is known for its bold flavor.

    Flavor: Mild to spicy. (peppery)

    Color: Pink and white stems with very delicate green leaves.

    Gourmet dishes: Soup, salad, avocado toast, sashimi, and carpaccio.